Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to Basics

Gundam Age hasn't received that much of a positive response from gundam fans because of its seemingly childish art and, well, below average trailer to be honest. However, after watching episode 1, I am pleased to announce that... Gundam is back. Back and better than ever before. Now, why do I say that..?

To begin with, let's just say that Gundam Age brings us back to the Gundam of old. Where only the hero had a Gundam. Where he didn't have to share the title with anyone and his mobile suit was unique to him and him alone. It's bloody retro, in a nutshell.

I personally love the idea of a Gundam that can evolve, and that's exactly what the Gundam Age is. I'm not going to spoil anything but let's just say that I have seen the potential that this series is going after and I can't wait to see how the final evolved form of Gundam Age looks like in the anime itself. I think it'll be quite spectacular.

So yeah. Episode 1 comes off really strong. A new hero has been born. The fate of humanity lies in his hands as they face off against an enemy of unknown origin and power.

Flit! The power of the Age System and Gundam lies in your hands! Now show us just what Gundam is meant to be once more!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Man's Romance

Let me introduce to you a little series that's come out for Fall 2011 which hasn't had much hype. Let me introduce you to Ben-To.

The title of this post speaks volumes of what I think about this anime. It's... Special, to say the least. It brings the typical school fighting anime to another level, giving the characters volume and depth. Even if the premise is that they're fighting over half-priced bento, how ridiculous it is actually reflects the extent to which people would go to get what they really want in life. I'd say that this is a must-watch series for this season. I expect really great things from this one, and... How do I put this. I guess I can say that this might turn out to be a new fav. Oh, yeah. Here's something for all of you.

Full Stockings....

...Or Class A Zettai Ryouiki? You be the judge.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shakugan no Shana - Last Stand

Yes, yes, I know it's late. Sue me for all I care. I've just watched episode 1 of the final Shana installment and I have to say... I'm impressed. It really set the stage for something grand and I can't wait to see how everything ends.

MAJOR spoiler ahead.

Yuji becomes the leader of Bal Masque.

Like... WTH. I thought that Shana 2 ended on a happy note and that Yuji would get together with Shana or something but... He actually goes off with the enemy for Haruhi knows what reason. That twist itself will keep you watching till they actually explain what the Haruhi is going on. Moreover, he even changes appearance entirely and looks more like a girl than anything now. Gosh.

So... Yeah. That's the highlight of the first episode actually. Everything else feels like it's just re-explaining and re-summarizing stuff from the first 2 seasons and the OVA. Of course, I was happy to see my Wilhelmina again. Ahem. Here's a Wilhelmina pic to end the post. K thanks bye.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Thus Far

Alright, I'm pressed for time so let's get this over and done with. Presenting precise, concise and very much summarized reviews of the Fall 2011 anime so far... The ones I'm watching anyway. Not sure what to watch this Fall? This should help a lot.

1) Bakuman 2

No big hype with this one. Season 1 ended not too long ago this year and we all knew it was coming sooner or later. Typical long running shonen-ish series but with an interesting premise of two guys embarking on a journey to become pro mangaka. The second season starts off with their journey as serialized mangaka. You won't know jack (pun-intended) sh*t if you didn't read the manga or watch season 1 so not recommended for you to follow this Fall unless you followed season 1.

First Impression Rating: 6/10

2) Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

This anime has seriously struck a nerve within me. Two people, working together to form a club so that they can make friends, just because they both have trouble doing so due to circumstances that make them misunderstood. Really struck a nerve with me. It's so true that society nowadays outcasts those with no social life but... That's not wrong is it..? It's such a simple idea yet... I think I'm in love with this anime. You'll feel like you could make the real effort to get more friends too after just episode 1! The art is crisp and the relationships plain adorable. Look forward to it!

First Impression Rating: 9/10

3) Curse x Cube x Cuious (C3 for short)

Boy meets girl anime, except said girl got shipped to him as a box. Boy meets girl stealing rice crackers in his kitchen in the nude. Girl shouts "kyaa" and boy gets blow to head. This is also known as cliche. First episode already builds up a premise that there is probably going to be quite a bit of love triangle/tsundere tendencies/general chaos. Think MM. If you've never watched MM then let's just say that this anime is going very much into romantic comedy territory. More on the comedy too.

First Impression Rating: 6/10

4) Chihayafuru

Wasn't expecting much from this one. I was sorely mistaken. First episode built up a myriad of emotions in me, and we're talking about an anime which is centered around "karuta", a Japanese word-card game. Google if you want to know more. In summary it involves memorizing 100 Japanese poems if you must know. The main character, Chihaya, warms up to you immediately as the pretty girl whom acts very much unladylike, causing guys to say that her beauty is misplaced. Rubbish. I think she's just fine. Coupled with a powerful flashback in the first episode which tackles just how much she wished she could live in the past again, you'll be enraptured by this one right off the bat.

First Impression Rating: 8/10

5) Fate/Zero

I've already dedicated an entire post to this one, so I don't think much needs to be said here. Movie graphics, awesome plot, action, saber, action, saber, action, saber. Repeat.

First Impression Rating: 9.5/10

6) Hunter X Hunter 2011

Retro. Will make you cry because all the memories of good old anime in the past will flood your brain. Most of you should know this series by now but in summary it's about a young lad who wants to become a hunter in order to follow in his father's footsteps. Hunters are basically monster erm... Hunters. Yeah. On the way he meets new people and makes many nakama. Typical shonen plot but done right.

First Impression Rating: 8/10

7) Kimi to Boku

At first, I was pretty annoyed by this one. Some of the characters seemed cold towards each other and I couldn't see the friendship promised by the plot summary. Then I realized after some time that it was but a facade hiding the strong bonds between them. An anime involving 4 childhood friends, all of whom are guys, without any yaoi tendencies? Amazing. An anime involving 4 childhood friends, all of whom are guys, without any yaoi tendencies and managing to interest me? Must-watch.

First Impression Rating: 7/10

8) Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

You'll have to pick your jaw off the floor after episode 1. Nearly 30 minutes of nothing but action, with no explanation of the true plot whatsoever until the last 2 minutes. Even then, you won't get the plot cause it's too damn complicated and also because there are way too many characters to keep track of. Most noticeably, there's a naked demon guy and an indian curry guy. No kidding. Lots of boing-boing, blowing stuff up, chase scenes, general mayhem. Keep track of this one before it loses you.

First Impression Rating: 7/10

9) Maji De Watashi Ni Koishinasai

From the picture, I know what you're thinking. Not another Ikki Tousen. You couldn't be more wrong. This series is what I think Ikki Tousen failed to achieve: It's girls fighting each other all over the place with not a shred of blatant fanservice. Heck, they actually wear sweatpants under their skirts! Plus there's actually strategic warfare involved and the premise is very much like Baka Test, with classes fighting each other to gain some benefit. Action is pretty excellent and there's a confession right off the bat in episode 1. Still think that it might be taking ideas from too many anime at once though. You'll see once you watch it...

First Impression Rating: 7.5/10

10) Maken Ki!

You want ecchi..? You got ecchi. Presenting to you one of the only doses of ecchi in the entire Fall 2011 season: Maken Ki. This series reminds me a lot of Mai Hime, combined with Ikki Tousen. Almost 99% sure that an uncensored OVA is going to be released once the series is over and done with, seeing how the manga itself already leaves little to the imagination. Now off with you to google images of Maken Ki manga. I, on the other hand, shall just keep this series on tabs for now.

First Impression Rating: 7/10

11) Mashiro Iro Symphony

This series reminds me of every other typical series that has been adapted from an eroge. A whole bevy of school girls, one of which is probably a maid, another a tsundere and another a loud mouth, and one male protagonist. Said male protagonist also has an imouto whom is willing to do anything for him. Cliche much? Yeah. To make it even more cliche though, said male protagonist also transfers to a new school which was an all-girls school, hence the insanely disproportionate female to male ratio of the school populace. Where is Seitokai Yakuindomo when you need it..? I'll give props to this one for having better than average animation quality though.

First Impression Rating: 6.5/10

12) Morita San wa Mukuchi 2

Unlike Bakuman 2, does not require one to have watched season 1 to understand the premise. Firstly, each episode is only 3 minutes long, so some people don't even consider it an anime; more like an advertisement. Secondly, the premise is really simple. A girl who doesn't talk very much and her friends doing all sorts of normal school stuff. The "doesn't talk very much" part is probably the only thing that's really unique, but you get to hear her thoughts anyway so for us it doesn't really make any diff. Still, it's pretty fun to watch and isn't time consuming so I'd recommend it anyway.

First Impression Rating: 6.5/10

13) Persona 4: The Animation

I'm not much of a gamer, and I've never played Persona 4. However, I did a bit of reading up (wikipedia is your best friend) and I can say only one thing of Persona 4: The Animation; I know a good adaptation of a game when I see one. It's done in a way such that even those whom have never played the game can appreciate it for its plot value. It manages to fuse both comedy and tension into single moments, which makes sure that things aren't overly creepy but still allowing us to feel some sort of fear, which is what a game should be like I guess. Definitely keeping a watch on this one.

First Impression Rating: 8/10

14) Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

Still think there's too many recent anime with Kami in the front. This one also has a simple premise. Genius kid who believes that no puzzle can be solved. Is soon approached by mysterious evil character who challenges him to solve a seemingly impossible puzzle. Kid solves it and gains power to utilize max brain capacity. Features childhood friend with photographic memory as well as allusions to Einstein, Edison, Da Vinci and other historical characters with high IQ. Also has OP sung by May'n.

First Impression Rating: 7.5/10

15) Shiryaku!! Ika Musume 2

She's back! Again, you don't have to watch season 1 to understand the premise for this one but I suggest you watch season 1 anyway. The laughs are a plenty. If you're not laughing at the many fails of Ika Musume, you'll be laughing at the many colourful characters this series has to offer anyway. Also has strangely emotional moments at times. Highly recommended for your comedy dose of Fall 2011.

First Impression Rating: 8/10

16) Tamayura: Hitotose

Not many series can make you tear from episode 1. This is one of them. If you don't feel emotional that the main character lost her dad whom she's very attached to, you'll definitely feel emotional when the plot uses photographs as a medium to convey just how close the bonds that her family have. The art is fantastic and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but also strangely a little melancholic. There is little that can be said to explain why I think this series could be likened to Usagi Drop of Summer 2011, so you'll have to take my word for it and put this on your "must-watch" list.

First Impression Rating: 9/10

So there you have it. Let's hope that this post was helpful in allowing you to decide on which anime to embark upon this Fall 2011! If it didn't then just watch all of them!

P.S. Mawaru Penguindrum will not be in this list because it began in Summer 2011. However, it will be considered for the best 3 of Fall 2011 since it ends in Fall. K thanks bye.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Best 3 of Summer 2011

So, Summer 2011 has officially ended today, and what better way to celebrate than to give credit to 3 awesome titles! So here's Josuwa's Top 3 Anime of Summer 2011! (My own opinion, of course. Spoilers Ahead)

Coming in third... Mawaru Penguin Drum

Yes, I know it's not even finished yet. Still, Penguin Drum (I will short-form it to pendrum) is third because of the massive amount of potential it shows to be an anime with a fantastic story.

Survival Strategy!!!

Pendrum began with a simple premise: that there is no such thing as fate. That we, as humans, insignificant in the face of higher divine beings, should never give in to destiny and fight against what has been written in stone. The plot? Two brothers who get themselves involved in all sorts of crazy shenanigans (can't believe I used that word) that have to do with a strange penguin hat, penguins and penguin-related stuff in general in order to save their sister's life.

Don't be fooled by the cheaply animated NPCs!

Sounds rubbish. Sounds totally out of this world; and it is. It's so fantastically out of this world that you'll be hooked from episode 1. As the plot progresses, every episode brings with it new mysteries that will keep you guessing even as they reveal greater truths.

Er... Also don't be fooled by the ero-penguins...

I see greatness in this anime, and together with a totally random but awesome story, the art is also top-notch. How could you say no to a Mahou-Shoujo transformation scene that is accompanied by catchy music? Even better. How could you say no to a Mahou-Shoujo transformation scene where, instead of changing into another outfit, the said transformation causes the bearer to LOSE more clothes over time? Mind blown yet? Mine is.


The above sentence sums up Nichijou pretty well. No, it's not bad. It's superultragreatdeliciouswonderfulfunny. It's a comedy which reminds you of the greats like Azumanga Daioh, yet carries itself it an entirely original fashion.

Nichijou was adapted from a 4-koma manga, like Lucky Star and K-On amongst many others. However, don't put it down before you even pick it up. Anybody can and WILL enjoy it.

Don't mess with this principal.

Nichijou has an uncanny ability to pull all the right strings to make you laugh till your guts hurt. It seems to push all the right buttons within our minds to trigger great comedic effect. Never will you see the principal wrestle a deer in any other anime. Never will you see a mash up of characters so colourful and quirky, each with their own unique traits which will cause you to warm up to them no matter how little screen time they get. Never will you see as big of a troll as Mai.

Don't say it. Just don't say it.

Also, Nichijou has OPs which are catchy as hell, composed by Hyadain. The songs just lift you up and throw you hard, and it's not often that I listen to the OP for every single episode of an anime.

I present to you... The Queen of Trolls

So, if you're looking for comedy and think you've seen it all, look no further than Nichijou. Kakaka Kakataomoi!!!

There are things in life which just make you want to keep on living it to the fullest.

I guess that sums up the miracle which is Usagi Drop pretty well. This anime, too, has a simple premise. The protaganist, Daikichi, attends his grandfather's funeral only to encounter a little girl whom he has never seen before. Turns out this girl is actually his aunt. Yes. It's his grandfather's daughter. As the rest of the family is shocked that grandpa not only had a child at his age but also had an affair of sorts, Daikichi does what is right. He adopts the girl as a daughter figure.


The result is an anime which will warm even the most frigid of souls. A journey of life where Daikichi learns to be a better person. A journey of life where the little girl, Rin, also learns to be a better person, as they both learn and grow alongside each other.


It is not often that an anime can be so simple yet so moving. Every episode, Daikichi and Rin do everyday things, like shopping for groceries, going to work, going to school, meeting new people, learning new skills. The list goes on. There is nothing extraordinary. There is nothing which would serve to impress us bombastically. However, everything will impress us emotionally.

Simply heartwarming.

It is endearing to see a fully grown man learn to be a responsible adult as he is thrown into one of the most unique of circumstances in life. What would you do with the sudden intrusion of a child into your life? Will you change her life or will she change yours? In the end, everyone comes out of it a better person and though the anime does not cover the manga in its entirety, the ending strangely does not leave one hanging.

Love comes in many forms. Undoubtedly, Usagi Drop displays the true meaning of unconditional love. Watch it and you too will come out changed and more appreciative of everything you have and all those around you. Watch it and you too will say that this is without a doubt the great treasure of Summer 2011's Anime Season.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fate. Slash. Zero.

It's highly anticipated. It's long awaited. It's been on our minds since Haruhi knows when. You asked for it! You've begged for it! You've played the eroge! Now... Ok let's just get on with it.


So, the first episode of Fate/Zero. We've had to wait for it a few long years but... I don't think anyone's complaining now that they've seen what the one-hour special had to offer. It was like porn for the soul.

I dare you to say that this isn't movie quality.

The graphics were fantastic. I thought I was watching a movie at one point. If they can keep this up throughout the whole thing we might just have a winner for the year 2011! Furthermore, it brought back so many memories from Fate/Stay Night that I felt young all over again.

Cue Screaming Fans

SABER-CHANNNNNN. God, I've missed her. It's common knowledge by now that she's gonna be much darker in Fate/Zero, courtesy of her master, Emiya Kiritsugu, in the series. Trust me, THIS Emiya means business. He wasn't called the Magus Killer for nothing.

Must... Resist... Loli... Urges!

Also, there's a lot of foreshadowing as to what will eventually happen in Fate/Stay Night. Come to think of it... Is that still called foreshadowing?

Archer in his, er... Former(?) glory..?

Overall... I am BLOODY satisfied. I'm not gonna bother writing a long post describing everything that happened in the episode because... Lots of other blogs have already done that, and you wouldn't be doing justice to yourself if you read a blog post to appreciate the awesomeness of this new anime.

Therefore, I shall leave you with the most epic of words:

"I ask of thee. Art thou my Master?"

The Otaku Room... Reborn!


(Title not to be confused with the popular anime series)

So, I'm finally back after more than a year of hiatus. This blog has been revived because firstly, I'm out of the army this December (December the 10th to be precise), which means that I've got more time to blog. Secondly, I've hit my 300 anime landmark, so what better way to celebrate than to rant about the anime this Fall 2011 season and beyond?

I'm following a whopping 20 anime for Fall 2011, which is the most I've ever followed. However, as per normal, some titles are subject to bring dropped depending on my opinion after the first few episodes. Once the confirmed list is out I shall post it on the blog so you know what I'm covering.

So, what to look forward to for you readers and loyal fans out there? Well, I don't think I can commit to posts for ALL of the anime I'm following so every week I'll simply choose a few random anime to blog and rant about. Manga is optional.

What's Yuki looking at..?

Also, my anime merchandise collection has really exploded this past year. Once every few months or sometimes all at once, I get new toys and trinkets. So, you can expect product and toy reviews as well.

Angel Beats OST

Finally, I'm also an avid fan of anime music so I shall review songs and OSTs once in a while too. My collection of anime related songs has also recently hit 4000, so there's plenty more to come!

So, I hope you look forward to the evolution of this blog. Please support me as you always have!

KIRABOSHI! *Good job if you get the reference!

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