Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fate. Slash. Zero.

It's highly anticipated. It's long awaited. It's been on our minds since Haruhi knows when. You asked for it! You've begged for it! You've played the eroge! Now... Ok let's just get on with it.


So, the first episode of Fate/Zero. We've had to wait for it a few long years but... I don't think anyone's complaining now that they've seen what the one-hour special had to offer. It was like porn for the soul.

I dare you to say that this isn't movie quality.

The graphics were fantastic. I thought I was watching a movie at one point. If they can keep this up throughout the whole thing we might just have a winner for the year 2011! Furthermore, it brought back so many memories from Fate/Stay Night that I felt young all over again.

Cue Screaming Fans

SABER-CHANNNNNN. God, I've missed her. It's common knowledge by now that she's gonna be much darker in Fate/Zero, courtesy of her master, Emiya Kiritsugu, in the series. Trust me, THIS Emiya means business. He wasn't called the Magus Killer for nothing.

Must... Resist... Loli... Urges!

Also, there's a lot of foreshadowing as to what will eventually happen in Fate/Stay Night. Come to think of it... Is that still called foreshadowing?

Archer in his, er... Former(?) glory..?

Overall... I am BLOODY satisfied. I'm not gonna bother writing a long post describing everything that happened in the episode because... Lots of other blogs have already done that, and you wouldn't be doing justice to yourself if you read a blog post to appreciate the awesomeness of this new anime.

Therefore, I shall leave you with the most epic of words:

"I ask of thee. Art thou my Master?"

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