Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Otaku Room... Reborn!


(Title not to be confused with the popular anime series)

So, I'm finally back after more than a year of hiatus. This blog has been revived because firstly, I'm out of the army this December (December the 10th to be precise), which means that I've got more time to blog. Secondly, I've hit my 300 anime landmark, so what better way to celebrate than to rant about the anime this Fall 2011 season and beyond?

I'm following a whopping 20 anime for Fall 2011, which is the most I've ever followed. However, as per normal, some titles are subject to bring dropped depending on my opinion after the first few episodes. Once the confirmed list is out I shall post it on the blog so you know what I'm covering.

So, what to look forward to for you readers and loyal fans out there? Well, I don't think I can commit to posts for ALL of the anime I'm following so every week I'll simply choose a few random anime to blog and rant about. Manga is optional.

What's Yuki looking at..?

Also, my anime merchandise collection has really exploded this past year. Once every few months or sometimes all at once, I get new toys and trinkets. So, you can expect product and toy reviews as well.

Angel Beats OST

Finally, I'm also an avid fan of anime music so I shall review songs and OSTs once in a while too. My collection of anime related songs has also recently hit 4000, so there's plenty more to come!

So, I hope you look forward to the evolution of this blog. Please support me as you always have!

KIRABOSHI! *Good job if you get the reference!

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