Monday, October 3, 2011

Best 3 of Summer 2011

So, Summer 2011 has officially ended today, and what better way to celebrate than to give credit to 3 awesome titles! So here's Josuwa's Top 3 Anime of Summer 2011! (My own opinion, of course. Spoilers Ahead)

Coming in third... Mawaru Penguin Drum

Yes, I know it's not even finished yet. Still, Penguin Drum (I will short-form it to pendrum) is third because of the massive amount of potential it shows to be an anime with a fantastic story.

Survival Strategy!!!

Pendrum began with a simple premise: that there is no such thing as fate. That we, as humans, insignificant in the face of higher divine beings, should never give in to destiny and fight against what has been written in stone. The plot? Two brothers who get themselves involved in all sorts of crazy shenanigans (can't believe I used that word) that have to do with a strange penguin hat, penguins and penguin-related stuff in general in order to save their sister's life.

Don't be fooled by the cheaply animated NPCs!

Sounds rubbish. Sounds totally out of this world; and it is. It's so fantastically out of this world that you'll be hooked from episode 1. As the plot progresses, every episode brings with it new mysteries that will keep you guessing even as they reveal greater truths.

Er... Also don't be fooled by the ero-penguins...

I see greatness in this anime, and together with a totally random but awesome story, the art is also top-notch. How could you say no to a Mahou-Shoujo transformation scene that is accompanied by catchy music? Even better. How could you say no to a Mahou-Shoujo transformation scene where, instead of changing into another outfit, the said transformation causes the bearer to LOSE more clothes over time? Mind blown yet? Mine is.


The above sentence sums up Nichijou pretty well. No, it's not bad. It's superultragreatdeliciouswonderfulfunny. It's a comedy which reminds you of the greats like Azumanga Daioh, yet carries itself it an entirely original fashion.

Nichijou was adapted from a 4-koma manga, like Lucky Star and K-On amongst many others. However, don't put it down before you even pick it up. Anybody can and WILL enjoy it.

Don't mess with this principal.

Nichijou has an uncanny ability to pull all the right strings to make you laugh till your guts hurt. It seems to push all the right buttons within our minds to trigger great comedic effect. Never will you see the principal wrestle a deer in any other anime. Never will you see a mash up of characters so colourful and quirky, each with their own unique traits which will cause you to warm up to them no matter how little screen time they get. Never will you see as big of a troll as Mai.

Don't say it. Just don't say it.

Also, Nichijou has OPs which are catchy as hell, composed by Hyadain. The songs just lift you up and throw you hard, and it's not often that I listen to the OP for every single episode of an anime.

I present to you... The Queen of Trolls

So, if you're looking for comedy and think you've seen it all, look no further than Nichijou. Kakaka Kakataomoi!!!

There are things in life which just make you want to keep on living it to the fullest.

I guess that sums up the miracle which is Usagi Drop pretty well. This anime, too, has a simple premise. The protaganist, Daikichi, attends his grandfather's funeral only to encounter a little girl whom he has never seen before. Turns out this girl is actually his aunt. Yes. It's his grandfather's daughter. As the rest of the family is shocked that grandpa not only had a child at his age but also had an affair of sorts, Daikichi does what is right. He adopts the girl as a daughter figure.


The result is an anime which will warm even the most frigid of souls. A journey of life where Daikichi learns to be a better person. A journey of life where the little girl, Rin, also learns to be a better person, as they both learn and grow alongside each other.


It is not often that an anime can be so simple yet so moving. Every episode, Daikichi and Rin do everyday things, like shopping for groceries, going to work, going to school, meeting new people, learning new skills. The list goes on. There is nothing extraordinary. There is nothing which would serve to impress us bombastically. However, everything will impress us emotionally.

Simply heartwarming.

It is endearing to see a fully grown man learn to be a responsible adult as he is thrown into one of the most unique of circumstances in life. What would you do with the sudden intrusion of a child into your life? Will you change her life or will she change yours? In the end, everyone comes out of it a better person and though the anime does not cover the manga in its entirety, the ending strangely does not leave one hanging.

Love comes in many forms. Undoubtedly, Usagi Drop displays the true meaning of unconditional love. Watch it and you too will come out changed and more appreciative of everything you have and all those around you. Watch it and you too will say that this is without a doubt the great treasure of Summer 2011's Anime Season.

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